3D Visualization

“Because a photo is better than a ground plan.”

3D visualization is a transfer of an idea or a real thing (a small object, an interior or the whole building) into an easily understandable and percievable form determined especially for presenting to the laic public.

“Do not imagine, just look!.”

The requested object or idea is transferred to 3D digital form with the help of the latest technologies and real materials are assigned to individual parts of the object. The output is usually a serie of “photographs” from various angles and distances. But we can also create an animation (a movie) presenting the object as it is together with its function, such as rotation of an engine axe, turning the interior lights on etc.)

This service can be useful mostly for companies dealing with:

  • Advertisement (e.g. visualization of eye-catchers, pickups, advertising articles).
  • Exhibitory activities (visualizating expositions, decorations of exhibition halls).
  • Making interiors (visualizating interiors of flats, offices and halls).
  • Furniture production (“photographs” of a new furniture without the need of making a piece).

But it can be used by anybody who wants to see anything “with his own eyes”.


Designing exhibition stands

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