Advertising graphics

Maybe you do not know what to imagine when you hear the words advertising graphic. We understand it as logos, visiting cards, headed paper, pickups on shop-windows and cars, leaflets and catalogues, printed advertisements and more else.

In fully developed competitive environment where we find ourselves, it is important for a company to make a confidential and professional impression. The disunited visual presentation (visiting cards, headed paper, newspaper advertising, web sites etc.) can be an unpleasant handicape for the company. Therefore it is necessary to exactly specify the united use of basic elements of the company`s identity such as logos, company`s colours or fonts in a graphic manual.

What should it look like?

A logo is the basic element for creating a united visual company`s style. The requirements on a quality logo are: originality, simplicity, expresiveness and an easy use. A logo that has these characters helps well in the visual communication with business partners, competitors and customers – it builds a non-interchangeable image of the company. The rules for the correct use of a logo can be found in a logo manual.

The logo manual (graphic manual) describes and specifies the logo and its “behaviour” in various situations. A logomanual should help to define and describe the whole company`s identity – it means the instructions how a company should present itself. It usually includes the above mentioned logo and then visiting cards, headed paper and letter paper, fonts and their proper use, various types of envelopes, a pattern for leaflets, catalogues and posters. Also marking of cars and offices can belong there.

A visiting card is probably the most frequently used piece of a company`s graphic (printing) at all. It is “punishable” to have no visiting card at a business meeting; a contact written on a piece of paper (best, in which a sandwich was wrapped before) looks at least unprofessional, as well as a visiting card with corrections. The importance of visiting cards is huge, it is often the first opportunity for a potential customer or business partner to notice the logo and a piece of company`s identity. A customer or partner also gets back to the visit card when looking for your phone number or another contact.

Examples of advertising graphics

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