Exhibition stand design

With the help of 3D visualization, we can design and show you a trade-fair exposition exactly according to your requirements.

During the period of our company`s existence we have already designed over 300 expositions; most of them have been also created. In this time we have been learning not only designing but also building stands from a number of exhibition systems, particularly Octanorm, Syma, Mero, Trio and Quatro (so called pipe systems) and even atypical expositions from particleboard or plaster-cardboard. Designing atypical expositions forms the most interesting part of our work.

“Every discount costs something.”

We provide this service mostly to companies dealing with implementations for which an exposition professionally designed by us is cheaper than employing their own graphic designer. We also provide services and discounts to these companies according to their needs – but only when they promise a bigger bulk of orders for the future.

But we are pleased to design an exposition for particular companies that want to enter the trade fair. When we come together to a final solution based on ideas and needs of the exhibiting company, we help our customer to choose one of many firms we co-operate with.

Why to choose us?

  • The exposition will be designed according to your needs and requirements, it will not be limited by possibilities and skills of one firm.
  • This saves your time that you would spend on dealing with several companies providing implementations.
  • Zou have to pay for designing an exposition but you would pay for it to another company, too.
  • The total price for design and its realization is lower than prices of realization companies.

Why is our price lower?

The price for a design made by a realization firm is higher because these firms must pay for the design, too – either to their own graphic designer or to us, and you pay also the designs that have not been realized by the firm. Moreover, we get good prices from these firms thanks to a big number of orders.

Projects and realizations

Realization company: Expotena s.r.o.
Realization company: Expotena s.r.o.
Realization company: Expotena s.r.o.
Realization company: Reklamní dílna Plzeň
Realization company: Reklamní dílna Plzeň
Realization company: Expotena s.r.o.
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